Marriage was designed to make us a better and blessed person. It was instituted to provide companionship and eliminate toiling around without a suitable helper. God placed His blessing upon the first couple on earth, Adam and Eve, and released them to enjoy increase, multiplication and dominion. Unfortunately, many marriages are a far cry from the original intention of marriage. This book is written to provide solution to this challenge. It will show you how to have a marriage that works. It will empower you with the necessary insights you need into having a relaxing, fulfilling and prosperous marriage. It is “a-must-read” for anyone that wants to experience a happy marriage. To the singles (unmarried), this book will build the relevant understanding you need to enjoy a stress-free marriage. To the married, it offers relevant knowledge and great insights into the effective ways of going about the marriage life successfully.

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The Marriage That Works – Book By Pastor Mona Jacob