We are an apostolic community of believers who seek to make Jesus Christ known at all costs!
We are persuaded that the HOPE of Individuals, Territories and Nations is Jesus Christ, the Saviour of Mankind.
We are a Ministry without walls with a strong mandate to reach out to the nations of the earth.
We thus truly love, appreciate and support people no matter their age, education, race, background or social status. We are for all people, all tribes and all nations. We celebrate diversity!
We are an outreach based ministry with a strong church base and irrevocably committed to planting the seed of God’s Word across various territories of the world and with the manifestation of the supernatural.
We are a cutting edge ministry with high content and strong commitment to innovation and creativity to the glory of God.
We are deeply involved in Discipleship, Mentorship and the School of Ministry so as to get people properly equipped and empowered to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.


To raise high flying eagles with undying love for Jesus Christ. A people thoroughly furnished with the Word of Righteousness, having unusual love for souls and primarily committed to the expansion of the Kingdom of God through the preaching of the gospel.
To raise a people of impeccable character who shall be shinning lights for God wherever they are found. Yes, a people who would be the salt to many tasteless lives and places where they are found.
To raise harvest – minded believers and send them into the various nations of the Earth.
To encourage talents expressions, diversities and economic empowerment of the saints for Kingdom Expansion.
To offer practical support to the hurting and under – privileged in the society and encourage them to reach their full potentials in God.
To raise a body of believers who are passionately committed to prayers. A people greatly committed to intercession on behalf of Individuals, Communities, Cities and Nations. The Ministry is a home of prayers for all the nations.
To raise a people of contemporary mindset who would be relevant in our present age. It is our desire to invade all spheres of life for Jesus Christ.