We are a registered charity operating in the heart of our community. For over three years, we have provided a variety of free and community based services to key categories of people as follows.

1. The Youth with behavioural and lifestyle challenges

2. The Homeless and the Needy

Our services includes:

1. Supporting the Youth

2. Feeding the Homeless and the Needy

3. Providing Free Entrepreneurship Seminars to members of the community

4. Providing Free Counselling on dealing with difficult relationships.

Our Vision

We are now working on creating a Life Empowerment Centre where people can come to add values to their lives. We aim to have free computer training and browsing facility for everyone. We shall be training on life improvement skills and helping both young and old people to add values to their lives. We shall also be helping those who are able to work to develop their employability skills. Our greatest challenge, however, is of course, resources!

It’s very easy to support this great vision.

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Other methods of support includes: Clothes, Non-perishable food,  Computers and Laptops